Smile Please

Smile a while
While you Smile
Another Smile,
Soon there’s miles & miles
…Of Smiles,
Life’s worthwhile
YOU Smiled … ^.^


227 thoughts on “Smile Please

  1. You know how I pass my day Sleeping, Sleeping,Sleeping,Sleeping,Sleeping,Sleeping,Sleeping, :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :faint:

  2. 😥 I am waiting 4 my test it will be on Sunday if I pass it then I am admitted in university otherwise I have to wait for 2 months :awww: :awww:

  3. with lots of usefull actions :p 😆 sleeping,eating,browsing the net,again sleeping,eating, watching tv… do these again n again till nite then my day is spent :lol:no homework,no exam, no duty.. compeletly free.. i dont like it :awww:

  4. 😆 good 4 u 😉 but how can u sleep all day? i tried hard 2 sleep all day but i couldnt :awww: i cant sleep more than 10hours of 24hours 😆 😆

  5. me the same :awww: im tired of vacation.. i have nothing 2 do. jux spending days :awww: here schools will be started in less than a week :p what about there?

  6. Originally posted by mt-angel:

    u dnt know what??

    oops 😆 😆 Originally posted by mt-angel:

    we have 13days in spring bcuz of our eyd called Norooz

    we also celebrate norooz but not have leave :worried:

  7. Originally posted by Ali Raza:

    I don`t know why

    u dnt know what??:confused:Originally posted by Ali Raza:

    and 7days for winter

    we have 13days in spring bcuz of our eyd called Norooz 😀

  8. Originally posted by Ali Raza:


    😆 got it :up: u mean u dnt khnow why we have 15days more:p
    Originally posted by Ali Raza:

    we also celebrate norooz but not have leave

    really? u know its originally iranians eyd :p its a custom of our ancient :happy:

  9. goverment chlanai dai to tab na rwp mai roads bana gi hai jo pehlai theak nhi thi roti 2 ruppes ki thi lahr mai abi bi milti hai aur wo poor people ko har month 1000 rupees daita hai wo schme chal rhi haizardi to schme bi nhi banta to win nawaz hu schme to banta hai

  10. Wo hakoomat main nhi hai is lye na. werna khud dakho nawaz shrif kitni dfa u turn la k chla jata hai or punjab main to in ki hkomat hai lakin result zero hai. shbz shrif koi schem 4 mheny chlny k bd fail ho jati hai. koi ek schem bta do jo chl rhi ho.

  11. Wo poor people wali schem sirf bnzair wali chl rhi hai. nwaz shrif wali 6 mheny bd bnd ho gai thi or 1 mheny phly 2 rupy wali roti bhi khtm ho gai hai. shyd lahor main malti ho lakin gundum to jnobi punjab sa aati hai idhr 4 rupy ki hai roti.

  12. PRESIDENT late 14c., "appointed governor of a province, chosen leader of a body of persons", from Latin 'praesidentum' (nom. praesidens) "president, governor", noun use of prp. of 'praesidere' "to act as head or chief" (see PRESIDE). First use for "chief executive officer of a republic" is in U.S. Constitution (1787), from earlier use for "officer in charge of the Continental Congress" (1774); it had been used of chief officers of banks from 1781, of individual colonies since 1608 (originally Virginia) and heads of colleges since mid-15c. This is from This is a very good English etymology dictionary:)

  13. Originally posted by Haidia2:

    i think president smile saying nation you cant change me as the way i am….Or he sayin naughty boy ali u got my pic…

    I think first one is right 😆

  14. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    I think first one is right.

    I'm afraid not enough:D We should have "the president smiles" and "saying to the nation that they..":)By the way, in China people took to the streets! Only 100 people but STILL did!Imagine also, in Morocco, I heard the other day that they "love their young prince there" and wouldn't revolt BY ANY MEANS. And IMAGINE, they have been said to take to the streets too! Poor world:D (:Maghreb GO! China – go:ha!:) Poor world:D

  15. What was the sequence of the revolts, Ali? I'm making a blog dedicated to the fire burned from the Candle of Mohamed Bouazizi.The fire first burned in Tunisia, then in Egypt, and then? I mean, Yemen or Jordan? Do you remember well? I don't know how to complete a search request – or maybe I should search on the countries separately..

  16. Thanks.I've just added a couple of images into the blog: it occurred a bit different from what you'd said – to put images into blogs.:)YOUR bearded image seems to me to look good:) :up:

  17. Ali, I've changed my blog for learning languages. I'd like you to visit it and give me certain recommendations on the content and formatting:) It's of "friends access" now – until it's been improved enough to see the world:)

  18. Originally posted by islamabad04:


    Arabic :left:

  19. SHALL I ASK YOU ABOUT LEARNING? WHICH LANGUAGES YOU WANT TO KNOW?Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Allah Bless You!

  20. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: Eid Mubarak!

  21. Ali, there was a call from you now. I couldn't hear a sigh!Then I tried "echo" – MM! the quality was good, Ali. Is there any problem at your side? Could you hear me speaking?

  22. Originally posted by Haidia2:

    It's a hindi song.

    Where?Originally posted by Haidia2:

    Do you like poetry Josh?

    Which do you mean? Lyrics or verses?

  23. Originally posted by JoshL:

    Haidia, I write you live in the UK – what about your English?

    I never lived in uk. I passing my days only.

  24. mane call ki thi aaj isy awaz nhi ja rhi thi or ya bhi har 3 min bad call end :faint: jasy receiving ka bhi bill aata hai :left:

  25. Or yeh sab network se hota hain zong, Ufone, ech and landlines even worst iss sab se acha wo 15, 20yrs old system is fine PCO :up: wahan se kabhi koi problem nahi hoti thi jab main bachpan main Annie ko call karti thi 😀

  26. Next 10yrs main net free hu jaye ga dekhna tum main yahan St.Andrew main one year rahi wahan pora saal bina dungle or broadband k Internet chalta tha 24/7 koi bill ya connection problem nahi thi meri jagah aik Pakistani larki wahan shift hu gi uss ka bhi essy he chal raha hai pAta nahi koi net bhoot tha wahan shayed :left:

  27. Wahan internet expensive hai wo main sisters ko dekhti thi hr roz Rs100 ka card computer se zyada banda ghari dekhta hai k card finish. Tu nahi hu gya :left:

  28. free net :eyes: aisi tricks mane or ahsan na bhi try ki thi :whistle: hum na ek pakg kiya tha raat 2 sa subha 7 tak net free tha 🙄

  29. Nahi iss phone se even main international call karti hoon or tu or BBC k programs main expensive numbers kabhi koi bill nahi aya :left: BT walon se kaha illegal line tu nahi cut kar do kehte hain nahi direct debet set hai kisi k account se bill pay hota hai so we cant cut :left: Meri luck achi hai aik bar mobile pe £1 galti se zyada lga dia tha company walon ne tu compensation k liye unlimited net for 5yr on mobile dy dia :faint:

  30. Maggar khyal rakhna aissa na ho aap ki flight es Bill ki waja se cancel na ho .IHTIYAT zarory hai. aur yaad rakhna Qanoon ke hath lambey hotey hain.Mera aik dost Bahrain telecom main operater tha us ne apney doston ko international call free deye aur Bill King ke office jate they achank pakra gya malom hoa woh kissi bhi line ko kissi se jodh kar free call karwata tha aur furniture walon se Bad room site aur super maket walon se ration aur na jane kiss kiss ko line deta tha. Maggar kya faida Lambi jo sevice thi Case ki nazar ho gaei.APNA KHYAL RAKHNA.

  31. Nahi main ne koi package nahi kia tha wo main newly wahan shift hui laptop main kuch broblem thi office se gori ai theek kar rahi thi tu google khul gya phir uss ne check kia koi wire less connection tha maybe kisi ka safe nahi tha but itna bhi koi kese laparwa hu sakta hai k itne years se free net and not safe chalo hum gareebon ka time acha guzra :DPhir main edinburgh ai yahan phone line pehle se lagi hui hai. :left: na kabhi bill aya na pata kis k naam hai phone lines walon ko bhi nahi pata :sst:

  32. wo wifi pa net chal rha ho ga wifi pa aisa hota hai agr password protected na karo or proper networking na kro koi bhi mobile ya laptop sa connect kar sakta hai. Ab bhi apny mobile sa wlan connection search kro 10 12 to mil he jaye gay 😆 akhar phone use to kiya ho ga os k charges to aaty ho gay??

  33. Wo mobile wali offer tu khud company ne di thi galti unki thi wo cash nahi dy sakte thy iss liye. 5yrs ka package dy dia :left: Or house phone ka khud BT(British telephone) company wale nahi band kar rahe tu kya karon wo khud keh rahe hain bills time pe pay hu rahe hain number bhi ajeeb hai jese bahrin main reh k saudia ka number hu :left: kehte hain ye business line hai hum essy band nahi kar sakte jab tak bill payer khud na kahe :right:

  34. If possible hota tu kabhi kisi Pakistani ko phone bill dekhnay ko na milta. :whistle: Issi liye kehti hon ajj kal net and phone connection ki itni problem nahi rahi next 10yrs main sab chalta phirta free hu ga :p

  35. chlo u karty hai hum os landline pa miss call da gay tum call back karny hum message or no. Bta day gay tum poncha dena 😆

  36. If possible hota tu kabhi kisi Pakistani ko phone bill dekhnay ko na milta. :whistle: Issi liye kehti hon ajj kal net and phone connection ki itni problem nahi rahi next 10yrs main sab chalta phirta free hu ga :p

  37. 5 saal tak free net :eyes: or ek free phone :faint: or kya chaiye you are living in heaven of communication :flirt: os phone ki taar to khanch do Pakistan tak :whistle:

  38. hahahahahaha…Dono idea sahi hai bas phir main UK main Pakistani PCO khol k Beeth jati hon :cool:meri friends wese kabhi nahi ayen gi but jab bhi TV pe star sign k bere main poochna hu zror ayen gi TV k numbers expensive hote hain 😆 😆

  39. Juma k pass phone he nahi tu number lay kar kya Karen gy address zror eid gift dene k liye manga hu ga tum apna du do 😀

  40. Hahahahahaha… Tumhain tu gallery main kharey hu eggs and tomatoes khane hain :p juma ko collect karne hain or ahsan ko shop main bitha dena main images deleat karney ki koshish karti rahon gi 😎

  41. Kon sa koi juma ki incoming supply rokey gi :insane: Main tu bas jo zyada poorany hon gy wo move karon gi latest rakhon 😎

  42. Hazer bhai,Woh yaar kya jo yaar ke kam na aaey.wesy aap khod apni dokan main laptop repair karte ho to to apna time jab tak pass kro.Mera seat jesy book ho ga aap ko amani khabar kar degi.pher aap un ko apna jaga btado aur jupi mar ke le jana……………..apna laptop .

  43. Mujhe malom tha ,ke mobile zyda der tak sath nahe degi.Ab kya kro gi battery khatm ….es liye kehta hon zyada nako bolna. warna vat lagjaey gi wahe howa.

  44. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    and now stop making ……. :left:

    stop making what? :left:Originally posted by islamabad04:

    Hazer bhai,Woh yaar kya jo yaar ke kam na aaey.

    humain eid pe laptop Milne wala hai juma se 😀 😀 😀 thank you juma looking forward to it…

  45. Khud adha thaka hua hai woh :irked: 6000 police on duty ki baAt karta hai 16000 se zyada police on duty gi thi 1,2din baad 6000 tu first day jab start hua tha tu thy!Or more then 6000 ppls has been arrested in London 3000 k kareeb Manchester main 😡 or in main wo log bhi hai jinhon ne looted stuff buy kia low price pe mere apne pass aik file hai one polish women buy pair of tousers and plasma TV on cheap prices she is now behind the bar for 6month single mother of one 6yrs old child he went in foster care now jab court ne ussy nahi maaf kia tu baki sab ko kahan han police ne day one se yeh sab nahi kia tu coz they waiting for court order!

  46. @ali, the UK is a corrupt,blagger's paradise, take what you want

    😆 haan juma na mare liye laptop or tumary liye casing la li hai :left:

  47. mujy drany ki khoshish na karo :irked: or wasy bhi mane os sa pocha hai k galaxy hai? :whistle: wasy laptop lany hai sassty? Pory uk main nhi mily gay :left:

  48. HP ley lo Pakistan main 40,500.00 ka hai.aur sath mai aik printer aur scaner zaror lina.woh 10,500.00 tak ka mil jaey 60,000.00 RS ka hai. Made in Malaysia.

  49. Originally posted by islamabad04:

    HP ley lo Pakistan main 4,500.00 ka hai.aur sath mai aik printer aur scaner zaror lina.woh 1,500.00 tak ka mil jaey 6,000.00 RS ka hai. Made in Malaysia.

    :faint: kul mila k kitney (000000) use kiye app ne :left:

  50. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    riots wala nhi hai. Meri ek friend hai os ki shop hai laptops ki :yes:

    shart lga lo agr wo tumhain 10% discount bhi de dy tu main aik nahi 2laptop Lon gi phir aik tumhary like 🙄 Yahan k friends business wale rishtedar pata hain mujhy pani bhi na pilan free main :whistle:

  51. Tuharey kehney pe wo tumhain sata laptop dy main laptop chor k kaprey salai shoro kar don gi :whistle: agr koi 10% discount bhi dy tumhain….:rolleyes:

  52. Mr.Ali RS.likha hai RS.40,500.00 chalis hazar panch soo Rupies) BD naheen.RS=Ropies.BD=Bahrain Dinar.(yaad rakhna)kabhi galat naheen ho gey.BD 04.500 = RS.1,000.00(Hazar ropies) hotey hain.

  53. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    @juma amani ki galti hai os na galat quote kiya that 40,500 ko 4,500 :left:

    main kyon wrong quote karon 😡 juma ne edit kiya I know :nervous:

  54. jis web sa images copy karty hai os k owner k bachoo li dua hai in logo ko werna mera mobile 35 comments k bad he…….. :faint:

  55. Birthday pe likha tha uss k baad jab bhi news ati hain page he nahi kholta or mera phone jam :awww: Wahan aik juma he nahi juma k 2,3 friends bhi image main baat kartey hain woh bhi lambi lambi :right:

  56. Read this for correction ;only one (zero)lagana tha woh bhi aap log na laga sakey is liye kehta hon aap log dekh aur soon kar foran amal katey ho kabhi sochte naheen.(0)lagana tha bus.

    Originally posted by islamabad04:

    Mr.Ali RS.likha hai RS.40,500.00 chalis hazar panch soo Rupies) BD naheen.RS=Ropies.BD=Bahrain Dinar.(yaad rakhna)kabhi galat naheen ho gey.BD 04.500 = RS.1,000.00(Hazar ropies) hotey hain.

  57. Originally posted by islamabad04:

    BD 04.500 = RS.1,000.00(Hazar ropies) hotey hain.

    Aik hazar mAin 00000 zero kahan hote hain :left:

  58. Kiss school main jate raey ho jis ne ye naheen btaya ke zero kya hai.?Bhai humare hesab main aur aap ke hesab main serf Zero ki ihmeyat hai.B/dinar 1.000=10 ropes local.ab dekh lo BD 1.000 yani aik hazar fils = aik dinar.Pak: …10.00 =10 ropes pk Rs.aur Pakistani 10.00 = i.000 hazar paise farq dekho only Zero aagey aur pechhe.kharche main hesab braber maggar likhne main adher odher.hai (ZERO).

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