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  1. Originally posted by antiquecullen:

    Hey ali u owe me on sandi's blog lol.. Come back dont runaway or im gonna kick ur ass when back here

    Ouch :left:

  2. Ab kesey teri awaaj nikali farangi ne bola tu jhat sey billi k jesay jowaab dia to ne a ga wapis jiyada bhaow na kha ok tere ko sob mis kartay hon gaye jiyaah or to or ma v heheheheheheheh

  3. Ali bhai, atlt means athlete :)well qaisariyyah! Here all call me by khan bhai :yes:sorry my all frenz will b c u after 2 weeks. Take care 😉

  4. Ali bhai, atlt means athlete :)well qaisariyyah! Here all call me by khan bhai :yes:sorry my all frenz will b c u after 2 weeks. Take care 😉

  5. Ali bhai, atlt means athlete :)well qaisariyyah! Here all call me by khan bhai :yes:sorry my all frenz will b c u after 2 weeks. Take care 😉

  6. thanx qaisariyyah friend.Well u know qaisariyyah there r different types of suicide nd which type was done by ali? I'll tell u later today :p coz m busy now. Take care frenz, bbye

  7. U r welcme..Athlete..ali type of suicide really funny..:P he eat d tawas..:whistle: I just cnt imgne hw his fce look like wen its past ali throat..:devil:Smethng lke dis :troll: :cow:Btw,tc n hv nce time n days yaar..:D

  8. :doh: ali survived…y he's nt dead? Thght amani gnna gt his phne n i'll gt his hertnce…:devil:So whre is he nw?hpe he's in d ICU nw..so..if u dnt mind..pull d oxygen pls..:devil: 😆

  9. now listen qaisariyyah :)u know sm body jump into d river, smbody eat poison, smbody pull d triger nd dishooo, smbody cut their artery by knife etc bt one type is very diff: means smbody don't like to die but infact they r trying to die (to eat every thing like ali :p )no prevention no care base :pi know qaisariyyah, ali s not glutton bt want to change d taste nd that taste was done the suicide by ali, bt thanx God that ali survived :up: one thing more qaisariyyah that ali is a honest nd truthfull guy, which he did, like a vide letter he tell us here, thats great :up:

  10. pull d oxygen mask, haha… 😆 😆 i think amani set their near ali's bed as attendent to stolen his android or ip, so may b she'll pull 🙂

  11. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    @Josh sorry!! *throws grenade on you* (you called me taliban )

    YOU??!:yikes: You were :headbang: !

  12. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    @mona huwei ideos u8150 la lo India main 7 8 hzar ka ho ga.

    I never heard of this phone_____ cheeky boy. 🙂

  13. I never heard of this phone_____

    it is available in market Uk's too worth 120£ but not in Pakistan and it is most cheapest android handset 😮

  14. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    Soo that's mean,i need to use capital letters for Eyes too?

    $1.Plural nouns take plural adjectival pronouns!And the first person singular pronoun in the subjective is written capitalised. (Another $1.)

  15. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    @Josh, you called me taliban and taliban do this not all only good ones (those who has US support)

    Don't be fool and look there once more, Ali.Hey, people, he's Ali not that ali!

  16. gud morning friends.No no no Ali, its not 4 u. I know u still sleeping coz its sunday, so keep it up lazy guy :p how r u mani, qaisariyyah, ahsan nd josh 🙂

  17. oh yeah sorry josh, oh 1nce again mistake :p sorry Josh.Well Josh friend, 4geted yaar, leave nd dumped here the nouons nd pronouns, singular nd plural nd form :confused:its not a class room nd u know its a short short net language nd free of tension atmosphere 🙂

  18. u r welcome qaisariyyah frend, wts up? well, v hv't snday as a holyday, i.e all working dyz including sunday at plant site :up: ther4 v hav a rotational period of 21/14 dyz, means 21 dyz on regular @8hrs/day nd 14 dyz off 🙂

  19. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    Nothing Josh..im just mention that to Athlete.

    "Im" could be pronounced /im/ if it existed, "I'm" is pronounced /aim/.

  20. 😀 ok Josh.sounds perfect..;)Thanks for correcting me.I'm just feel lazy to input ('):DHope my english is perfect this time.:P

  21. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    😆 hw r u doin dear?seems u r bz on sunday amani..:P

    Thanks for asking.. I 'm good. How are u? :DYeah sunday is my busy day… I do really posh job… Cleaning…washing… Ironing. ech :faint:

  22. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    main soch rha ho is blog ko he delete kar do wo ramzan wala blog yaad hai :rip:

    Koi tareeka nahi :left: dosron ki subscription off karne ka? :eyes: Tum na Karo tu khud ba khud ho jaye ga… Or rahe ga sirf tumhara bara bhai *jamshaid* :insane: 😆 😆 😆

  23. Glad to hear that :happy: n thanks 4 asking me.Alhmdulillh im gd n vigour..just trd wth sewing..:ko::eyes: all that in sunday..U hv sch gd talent to b a maid amani..:D Would u mind cme hre n wrk 4 me? 😛 😆

  24. Glad to hear that :happy: n thanks 4 asking me.Alhmdulillh im gd n vigour..just trd wth sewing..:ko::eyes: all that in sunday..U hv sch gd talent to b a maid amani..:D Would u mind cme hre n wrk 4 me? 😛 😆

  25. :eyes: did I? I swear idk its angel wrd bt I think dfntly a prsn dts nt undrstnd hindi gnna said dt..hhhmmm…:right: 😛

  26. Alhamdulillh im fne..:happy:It's raining during afternoon here…but nw its stopped..:whistle: its breezy now..:D joining u my pleasure..miss d momnt wen im kids plyng at my grndma house garden..now no more garden unless u wnna mke free show 4 d whole flat..:whistle: :devil: :lol:My fthr gnna kick me..:P

  27. It's cold during the day and frosty nights, look like snow 'll come soon never know this week or next month.. :whistle: I 'm scared of flat :left: Couple of my friends lived in. Every time I visit their home.. I hear creepy noise from up nd down and left Nd right neighbour's house …:sst: If their kids make any loud noise they bang ech others Walls… :right: Some time problem end up by calling police.. 😆 😆 I hope u don't have nasty neighbours .:cool:

  28. Im jealous…:devil: wish to tch d snow 1 day..:DScrd? 4 wt? U knw wt? Snce abt 16 yrs iv bn styn here its about 7 to 10 suicide superman n superwoman..:PWen its hppn 4 d 1st time itd really creepy n d scnds mree creepy cz d superwoman just fll in frnt of us arnd 1am our time..:insane:Bt aftr dt its normal…evn we cn knw its peoples flying or killer litters.. :PTalk about nasty?dfntly we hv hre..i think d police r tired of visiting daily..If u r singaporean den u gnna knw dt wen I mntn my block nmbr den u gnna say..wuuhuhh..dts mny gangter hanging arnd hre..:ninja:But we gt used to it..just b normal n patience.i do hv pass 1 door nghbr dt evn scold if my lil bro n nghbr plyn along d corridor dring daylght..:sick: evn dt day dey spryd baygon wen evr d kids pass n d police bn ringd…:insane:..D moral is..just leave wen 'DOGS' barking..u knw wt I mean..

  29. I lived in flat 4 yrs ago but that was on ground floor Nd dat building only have 7 floors.. So it wasn't that scary… Too main city in uk London and ediburgh in which majority of ppl lived in flat.. But soo luckily when I got house from Local council . It was fully decorated three bedroom house With living and dinning room downstairs… :wizard: also with big garden with garage…;) Now I have no plan to move this house for next 100 yrs :sherlock: You are too brave if u saw that bangi jumping in midle on nite… 😆 😆 I Allah keep u safe.., 😎 I am now scared of coming to Singapore :nervous:

  30. 7 floors well mine is 12 floors n im styn on d 2nd floor..singapore is a cntry full of high rise buildings..even sme of my near block abt 5mins walking is 40 storeys high..:insane:Honestly iv nvr bn mre high den 12 strey hgh..its my aunty house..i nvr dare to see down..creepy..:sst: Im jealous!!! :cry:Is it free?d house u gt nw? :lol:Reserve 1 4 me..:PBtw,hw abt ur nghbrs?:yikes: 100 yrs? :insane: r u sure u cn live till 124 of ur age? :ko:Den u gnna brk d wrld rcrd..:lol:Brave???!!! :lol:U knw wt? we d whole siblings screaming wen its hppn rght in frnt of our eyes..actually we hear sme women crying voice so we open d kitchen window n pop out our ears to hear whre d voice cme frm..:P sddnly…baam!!! :eyes:Wts d funny we all run n scream in to our living room n gt scolded frm my prnts cz mkn sch kind of noise n sleep late..:P We cnt sleep till mrng..:lol: evn must hv compny to entr d scrt room…:lol: 😆 :lol:Dts hppn abt 4yrs ago..:PAmeen…:angel: thanksDnt b scrd..singapore kinda safe cntry..but just nd to b aware..evrywhre arnd d wrld hv bd guys..In singapore any1 bn cght wth kill weapons or any guns gnna b hang to death.. :sst:

  31. My neighbour.. My next door are dead quiet during da week.., :left: but every Friday evening one big van come from bar with lots of alcohol …,:yuck: They have their own music system piano and guitar..:headbang: all night they sing and dance :sing: Till the 6 in mornig.., then start again on satuday .., :faint: I wonder if I living next to any famous singer but not knowing :eyes: Rest are soooooooo quite one lil child on street who play football all alone :p One funny couple who loves nature… :love: Some time they stop my car and say why I killing nature with pollution bt they ask that to every house on street who have cars… :nervous: Houses are free.. :ko: they use to give full houses now gov build too many flats… So now it's depends on luck if we get house or flat.. 😎 People who work they pay council tax and rent.. And ppl who doesn't work or looking for work.. They get free houses or rented bt gov pays their rent and tax… It's only for British born and british national people…:hat: But we can't owe that property until We pay for it.. But we can live in it.. For all life… :nervous:For example: the property where I living after 10 yrs I can buy with half price. Coz it's coucel's house.. But if I live in private rented property I can't buy.. If landlord want to sell.. I have to buy in full price…:faint:

  32. 😆 😆 :lol:I just cant imagine..its just like in d movie hvn :headbang: nghbr…:lol:On my rght side I gt 1 nghbr,singapore chinese mrrd thai laady…:ko: drng hr brthdy dey clbrate n kp karaoke thai song..:P atleast if its other eng songs would b bttr..d thai song really mk ur :sst: dey gnna b dsqualified frm american idol on d frst spot..:lol:But honestly smetime that kind of nghbr cheers our brd day..:PAm I rght?Wuuhhuuuhh..dts couple really nature lover..:lol: funny.. :jester:I think I shld use gas instead of oil 4 bttr polution..:whistle::( thght d house r free dre..:lol:But sounds gd to b british born..:devil:U know wt?in singapore a 1room,1livingroom,1 kitchen,1 bthroom cn cost US150,000 to US200,000. :ko: :rip:

  33. all d men saying that generaly women doing a long long conversation each other.Hmmm…..realy its a fact :p gud morning 🙂

  34. :irked: Athlete…It's useful info.as amani was planning to cme singapore 4 wrkng..:whistle:Gd mrng Athlete.hv nce day.:happy:

  35. One chicken (Ali) is locked in de cage..:cool: … Still one chick is *ahsan* :bug: has left for his defence…:rolleyes: Qais should we locked him wid Ali or blow him :bug: in the air..:D

  36. Mein samjhe bohut thoda thoda hindi Athlete yaar..:cry:But im still lrnin…my frnds hlp me mch,Ali,Ahsan..(bohut syukriya,mere chotha bhai)..:DBut smetimes mk me annyd if sme1 chattn all in hindi hre..fl like :ninja:Dnt mind me Athlete..sincerely thats honestly wt I fl frm my :heart: :whistle:

  37. 😆 not that gd..cz I hv nt too gd teacher…:devil: Btw,syukriya Athlete..:D n syukriya to my teachers..:D Khuda hafiz..

  38. my frnds hlp me mch,Ali,Ahsan..(bohut syukriya,mere chothabhai)..But smetimes mk me annyd ifsme1 chattn all in hindi hre..fl like

    who wana see a murder here :irked: :irked: :irked:

  39. Originally posted by Ahsan7083:

    mujhe bhut gusa ata ha amani pa os bechari ko block kar dia :irked:

    Kaha na tum English main poetry sunao..:cool: Main ussy unblock kar don gi…:irked: Aik tareeka hai 💡 ussy message karo… Tum se larney zror aye gi…:ko: :ko:

  40. Shout box hai? Wahan Kaho kuch… Ali k blog main roz mona mona Bol k jao…:cool: Issey miss u bolney ati hoti hai jab b ol aye…:lol: 😆

  41. ok friend, i wana sleep now coz i'll get up early morning to reach there at site b4 9.0am nd d distance is 230+ km :worried:will c u tmrw 8 evening 😉

  42. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    mane kab kha k english bolni hai :left: mujy pta hai tu kachi main ABC main fail tha :faint:

    So do I.. :eyes: All day went busy .. Don't know in what? :whistle:

  43. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    :hi: where you have been?

    Iss comment se pehle Adonis tha na.., :confused: Tum itne ache tu ho nahi jo mujhy hi or phir khariyat bhi poocho.. :insane:

  44. Mere blog main kya tmasha lga rahe ho? 😡 log comments and message main pooch rahe hain.. :irked: Tumhara causin Ali jo keh raha hai theek hai kya :doh: :doh: :doh:

  45. Aik ka cment tu abhi dekho na.. :irked: Or wo custard wala.. 😡 Or ahsan tu agha k blog main bhi., :insane: Pora opera agha ka bhai hai.. Tum dono ka plan kya hai..:knight: :knight:

  46. Mujhy pata tha.. Jab tum ne btaya k 2,3, days leave hai work pe.. Pata tha kahin tang arow gy.. :insane: Ab sab mujhy mona ki nazar se dekh rahe hain.. :eyes: soney pe suhaga omree.. :insane: spelling bhi dekho miltay jultay.. 😥

  47. ahsan bhai me ne likha hy 4 a hour, matlab 4 k baad "a" or 4 means "for"just only 4 justification ahsan bro 🙂 well mani sis, kis ne apki tasveer lagai thi?

  48. amani dil to kar rha jooty maro 😡 or is omree or khan bhai ko bhi :irked: pic dany ki kya zrorat thi :irked: or ya pic upload karna to kuch bhi nhi :doh:

  49. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    ab kidhr ja rhi ho osy ahkty chal k dakhty hai fb pa :irked:

    Mujhy se nahi Oska mukabla Hota.. Last time bhi beech mai mona a gi or story kya se kya ban gi.. :irked: rehney du kuch din everything quite.. I will be back sirf naam nahi pata.. :nervous: Kya rakhon I love my name.. :sst: anyway abhi ghar mai wallpaper lagana hai paint karna hai. Yahan ye Sab khud karna parta hai.. 😀 or pori 4 basket ironing karni hai huge one.. :faint: afterward I had plan to visit down south London.. iss sab k baad aon gi. In few weeks.. :whistle: or ahsan ko hosla du itne filmy message ro ro k neend uurr gi… 😆 😆 😆 he said he's leaving coz of me… :insane: Kya yaar kya Kahon ab 😆 😆

  50. Haan kaha tha.. Lekin jo hoa so hoa.. :nervous: Maza tum chakhao ya wo dono mai name mera ata hai.. Door hon gi tu khud sab bhool jayen gy.. Kon kya tha.. :left:

  51. @amani mona nhi tum aai thi last time :irked: minn minn karti hoi is ki ammi foat hoi thi is trah ki koi baat na karna 😡 werna isy to osi waqt thek kar deta :irked:

  52. Koi group nahi Oski or meri inbox baat hoi thi abt that acting.. Iss sab mai. Mera 80% fault hai.. Main emotionally jaldi kisi bhi baat mai a jati hon.. Ye mera week point hai.. Pics phone ye sab meri apni galtiyan hain.. Baki Frinds main ne truth kisi ko nahi pata abb tu too late hai btaney ka koi faida nahi.. And shahil I can assure u he really does care about me.. Lekin kabhi mai ne shahil ko pori baat btai nahi.. Btati tu wo wohi karta jo mai kehti.. Ab inn baton ka koi faida nahi.. Phone pics privacy sab mera kaam tha rakhna khud mai ne galtian ki hain tu koi kisi ka fault nahi.. Abhi bhi Allah khair Karen gy kuch gap k baad sab theek rahe ga..

  53. tu mane kitna minha kiya tha :irked: or kha bhi tha ya pora group isi lye aaya hoya hai 😡 tb to meri baat nhi sunni thi 😡 os sahil ka blog pa mane somiyaa ki pic dakhi thi :irked: mujy kya pta tha………. :irked:

  54. justt a min. Let me block you :irked: juma juma 8 din hoye hai idhr aaye hoye or grantee dena bhi shro kar di :doh: abhi tak tumain pta he nhi k hoya kya hai. Ya phr tum humain jhooti jhooti or adhi adhi baatain suna k pagal bna rhi ho ksi ko thori si baat bta di thori si ksi or jb masla barh geya thori ksi or ko.

  55. y u crying gaisariyyah :confused: Ali yaar amani se aur preshaan karny wali baatain mat karo, inko hausala do, himmat bandhao. Just take it easy mani, pic se kuch nahi hoga, youtube nd fb p kroron nahi bul k arbon k hisaab se pic hain larkiyon ke, so what?

  56. Ali bhai, umer farooqi apne Pakistani dost parhe likhay bhai hai,, apni city work detail btatey hain,, Or mona aik ladka ha ya ladki kisi ko nahi pata,, Lekin full Hindi spoken ha,,Amani ko mai 2 bar call kar chuka hoon meri bhabhi ki bi baat hoi,, or shayed bhabhi ki Bohat bar baat hoi,, wo high educated family se hai,, fully English speaking,, Hindi bilkul nahi bol sakti,, app oske dearest Frind ho,, pehle he different issues pe baatein Bohat ho chuki ha,, Akram bhai se related ab aik insaan ko itna bhi na tease karein k wo insulted feel kare,, Yahan pe se log essy hain jo ye sab kaan lga k sunn rahe ha,, I agree with u aik poray group ne usko trap kia.. Lekin part of that group kon tha,, yeh judge karna easy nahi,, be friend to her,, If she ever decided to come back tu wo next time aware rahe gii.. Insaan apni galtion se he seekhta hai.. App k shakok k bina pe 3 din se amani k mere apke blog mai her kisi ka yehi topic ha amani mona ha ya omree ha ye photo kya chakkar ha Exectra exectra..Please moka na den logo ko faltu baat karne ka.

  57. r u there qaisariyyah :pingu:Agha bhai is behes ko idhar he khatm karo plz don't discuss this matter more, apki baat drust hy, kaan laga k bethnay walay b hain, bus apna gup shup jari rakho, allah na karain wo konsi koi chronic disease ka shikaar hy k hum na umaidi me roay ja rahay hain, wo aye gi zror chahay maheenay k baad ho, 6 months ya 1 saal, usay apni dhang se jeenay dain. Agar koi us k baaray me baat karta b hy to jwab na dain koi nd carry on ur own gup shup plz

  58. Mai bhi apni causin's ko bohat tease karta tha Ali bhai ki tarah chiraney k liye,, Kya hal hai khan bhai? Pakistan sab khariyat?

  59. agha bhai bus dua karain, halaat buhut kharab hain, or phir humaray elaqay ka to buhut he kharab hain.yeah Qaisariyya yaar its not fair that v talking in hindi/urdu coz of u. We'll try to speake only eng, now happy 😉 ?

  60. U know wt?im indian but cnt spk hindi or tamil..just lil bit..my mother lang is malay. :whistle:I learn hindi frm mvi.as d 1 dt know hindi is my mum grndfthr..i dnt hv d opportunity to mt him..:PN my dad cn spk tamil well..but as I say,we follow my mum teaching..malay..i think myb bcz malay is singapore last time 1st lang.singapore is clld temasek last time.dts history..check dt on google..:zzz:Btw Athlete.dnt u annoyed wth my long explaination..:whistle: hope u enjoyed.. Im :sing: d explaination 4 u… 😆

  61. Im frm earth Athlete…:whistle:Ok-ok…seriously,im frm singapore.indian muslim.im doin tailoring n sme handcraft business.brooches,knitting,stitch beads..dts d bored thng to do..:Pi mean d beads..:PBtw,i do all tht frm home.

  62. waoo…nice to heard that all, u r an energetic gal :up: i appriciat u :whistle: may allah keep a lot of prosperity in ur business, ameen.say salam must to ur mom nd dad 🙂

  63. 😆 thank you 4 up me..:P Ameen…Ops..salam? I cnt prmse dt but insya Allah will lt dem know..ok? :whistle:U know if I send tto dem..im gnna get a lawyer ques..:P I think u understnd dt. Athlete.. :awww:

  64. I like badminton,cycling n roller skating…just do it smetime,cz most of d time in d house..sewing n sewing n craftng..:ko:

  65. Salam Alikum brother Ali, how are you?Almost 256 comment unable to read all, have fun brother. Any plan for Eid ul adha?

  66. u only like…or u also player of badminton? anhw u too busy like me :)oh look look qaisariyyah, ali is also a busy guy, did u belive it :p

  67. I like n play it wen I hv free time.wth my brthrs n sis..just frndly match..:P 😆 evry1 bz hre..ds blog is 4 bz peoples..:zip: :whistle:Hws ur eid prprtn Athlete bhai.btw,wts ur nme?:P dnt tell me dt ur nme is Athlete cz im nt gnna blv dt..:whistle: 😀

  68. Agha bhai bus na pochain :worried: @ Qaisariyyah, hmm…thats gud.Well! Wud u lyk to play wed me a frndly match :hat: 1nce ali chlng me bt verbly nd dn't play wed me yet coz i know he cn't win :p

  69. morning morning nd juma mubarak to all.No preparation yet qaisariyyah yaar, m still on duty at site nd away from home 240 km away.And yeah my nme z athlete, u can check my prfl :p

  70. @Athlete..my pleasure bhai..no prblm..just gt ready wth my smash attack…:devil: dnt blame me if u gt smash on d head …:whistle: Aaahh…Athlete..dnt tlk abt Ali in badminton..he's a loser..:lol: 😆 sssshhh…just btween me n u..whispering…:devil:

  71. hahaha…ur's smash on my head :pingu: its imposbl. Okay u nd ali both play togthrd wed me den i'll win too, its my chlng :hat: agha bhai as a witns here 🙂

  72. Ahah…dts gd..hv nce blssd time wth ur lovely family..:D :happy::doh: Q nt G…:irked:Btw..hehehe…as I tld u..dts funny wth dt nme..:P

  73. 😆 :awww: lil pingu…dont wrry,wth dt size nt just ur head evn u gnna fly during d match..:devil:Cme on Bhai..(whispering)dnt tlk abt Ali..sch a shame..he is a loser..:whistle:

  74. Khan LALA's message by Special Messenger:"Salam my respected frnds.My phone's memory card currupted a little bit, then i formated it by my own phone bt meanwhile opera has been losed, then i had down loaded twice bt after completion of down loading when i'm clicking it for installation then display "data error" then i download 1nce again without mmry card with phone mmry bt the same problem occured. what i do? I'm so worried nd miss u all. Happy eid in advance to all myloving friends.(Ur's own khan bhai)"

  75. :no: its nt d intrnt settng..iv experience it b4..u knw y did I said dt?cz I cn enter intrnt using nrml applctn bt nt opera.just nd to dlte ur opera applctn n dwnld opera mini 6 instead of opera 4.Just try it..hpe its wrkng..Iv experience twice n 1 its sccssfl n anthr nt..so just try yaar..all d best..

  76. Originally posted by Ali8307:

    you should check ur internet setting

    yeh Ali i will convey your suggestion to Khan LALA .. .

  77. Mere bhai ney merey ko eid di ab kay mai jaror koi nah koi mobail lon gi dhanteras k din mai scooter say gir gi kion nai kisi nay mere say hal poocha sob k sob ko kya ma khud suchit karon

  78. yar kal se rain hai !!! nimi nimi, chill ho geya hai ider tu itna ke november ki sardi apna rang dekha rai hai … heater ON ho gey hain ider tu ..

  79. bas dear ! multan aur Pindi mai yehi farak hai .. ider sardi jaldi shuru hoti hai aur dair se khatam hoti hai .. AC tu August ke last mai bund ho gay thay yahan … september ke mid mai fan bi band .. aur aaj se heater shuru …

  80. Aslamualikum all brothers & sisters! Very happy Eid. :)Originally posted by Ali8307:

    W/salam 🙂 how are you doing? No plan for eid :nervous: i am busy :faint:

    busy in work or study? I am ok thanks to Allah, eid went in a rush as of my mother in law and father in law went for Hajj. They came back yesterday. Take care of your self, May Allah grant u with his blessing in new islamic year.

  81. very very salam to aaaal my loving frenz nd eid greeting to all :yes: miss u all soooo much bt my cell phone's software was cruppted a day b4 eid, nd just now reinstalled from markete due to eid holy dyz.Special thanx to omree that he convey my msg here nd a lot of thanx to u all 4 ur free of cost consultation nd miss me 🙂

  82. Originally posted by Athletepk1:

    very very salam to aaaal my loving frenz nd eid greeting to all :yes: miss u all soooo much bt my cell phone's software was cruppted a day b4 eid, nd just now reinstalled from markete due to eid holy dyz.Special thanx to omree that he convey my msg here nd a lot of thanx to u all 4 ur free of cost consultation nd miss me 🙂

    LALA abb shirmind tu na kro na !!! app sunao EID kesi thi gher mai sab kese they ?

  83. thx for the compliment per Ali dear mai su seasonal Kasai hon, very true but Allah ki kasam app Khandani kasai's ka koi haq nai mara … 😀

  84. Assalamualaika Athlete…:)Im hre…daily online but nthng to reply cz all's urdu hre..:PJust wtch n out..hehehe…Btw,Alhmdulillah…im still alive..:angel:Hw r u Athlete?hws ur eid adha goin?

  85. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    Btw,Alhmdulillah…im still alive..

    or……… I know in singapore mostly people buried mobile with dead body :left:

  86. haha…ali :p well qaisariyyah the condition is not gud, may allah keep us all in his peace. Ameen.Okay dears its now play time ;)see u after 3 hrs if anybody there will online :pingu:

  87. oh thats was new page :hat: i did't watch that in hurry 4 game 🙂 thanx qaisariyya nd sorry ali :down: well ali, may be i'll come there to lahore in enxt 2 couple of dyz to purchasing some material 4 plant

  88. @qais I got a new connection but I am very busy :awww: I can't come online on nimbuzz. Feeling very wrong you and Josh joinned nimbuzz for me and I am off 😆

  89. v r doing forign purchase through procurement nd its a local markete purchase, but d't worry i'm not asking ur address :p

  90. Originally posted by Athletepk1:

    v r doing forign purchase through procurement nd its a local markete purchase, but d't worry i'm not asking ur address

    every1 knows where is WAPDA House :yes: but its our head quarter

  91. :irked: get lost…if u r nt dre,i hv Ahsan n anthr of my frnd..:PGo n lgh till ur tthlss mouth grow bck tth Ali…:devil:Btw,im mre actve in 2go n opera den on nimbuzz…:whistle:Wt mk me 😡 daily im gnna hv frnd request..:insane: most frm indo guys..i wndr if I cn lock it mre prvcy…waste my airtime ignrn dem..:irked:

  92. did u working in wapda house, thats a huge building of multy stories nd a lot of offices, so where i'll ask bout u? well qaisariyyah frend, did u have nimbuz act with same name or…

  93. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    get lost…if u r nt dre,i hv Ahsan n anthr of my frnd..Go n lgh till ur tthlss mouth grow bck tth Ali…Btw,im mre actve in 2go n opera den on nimbuzz…Wt mk me daily im gnna hv frnd request.. most frm indo guys..i wndr if I cn lock it mre prvcy…waste my airtime ignrn dem..

    😀 😀 but I'll be on there from Now 😀

  94. Originally posted by Athletepk1:

    did u working in wapda house, thats a huge building of multy stories nd a lot of offices, so where i'll ask bout u?

    :no: Its our HQ I am not working there!

  95. Originally posted by qaisariyyah:

    @Ali…hehehe…srry..was off my intrnt wen ur msg reach at nimbuzz mrng..:P..i just replied just now..:P :whistle:

    Its Ok 😛

  96. bt i'm here nd replying on every comment :pingu: i think qaisariyyah is :zzz: nd….omree now a dyz enjoying f.b with his new lapy :hat:

  97. bt that was empty when i indecat u bout side laying bucket :pingu: nd there was no water in overhead tank nd in washroom, so where from u were bring that dirty water :p

  98. oh yeah, bt m using almost as u looking my prof pic or other photo in album :)well Ali, i have uploaded there a pic of without glasses in photo album"me & my plant" as per wish of omree. So now its ur term to upload ur pic acrdngly :up:

  99. 😆 dts nt bttry Athlete..dt is burned bttry…expired..u need fresh alkaline bttry..:devil: Btw @Ali..thnks 4 ur explaintn to Athlete..but seems he dnt gt it..:P :whistle:

  100. @Ali just send me msg insya Allah i'll b dre..i on my intrnt d whole day..wen u send msg i'll rcv notifctn n i'll reply..always dre..just mt ahsan just nw..

  101. Athlete bhai…in singapore wen sme1 mntn Ali baba,its mean bandit guy..hv u heard about Ali baba n 40 bandits story?:PDtss wt shocking me…Btw Ali…aren't u?:devil:

  102. Salam bhai..how r u?Hope evrythng is fine…:)Hv blessed day…P.s as I told u…usually just on n chck..nthng to chat just off..till we met again Athlete bhai..stay 😎

  103. hi ali baba nd hi qaisariyyah, hope u both will okay. Ali how much the short fall of power now a dyz?Qaisariyyah friend hows going ur busines at home?

  104. qaisariyyah thanx, m 2 fine but busy at plant.Well, qaisariyyah here in opera, f.b nd nimbuz calling me all by khan bhai, ther4 u can too use this word, which i think easy 4 u.Ali bhai miss u too, bt u better knows bout my job

  105. :P…ops…ok Khan bhai…i think dt nice n easy too..:happy:Alhmdulillh n glad to hear u r gd n well..:D hv blssd day ahead…

  106. 😆 nancy…mau usik sama kamu..ternyata kamu nggk tau…Aku hanya beritahu yg aku baik2 aja…sihat walafiat lg deh..:D…

  107. Boleh aja nancy…aku manusia juga…:P hehe…dari singapore…Ahsan dan Ali udah kayak adik sama aku…makanya…aku tegur aja kamu..dan sesiapa yg comments di sini..hehehe…Kayak busybody gi2…hehehe…;)Kmu dri indonesia kn?Btw,aku indian muslim…bukam indonesia tau…cuma pinter sdkt ngomong indonesia…belajar dari sinetron deh…:D 😀 😀

  108. Tapi ko paseh juga bhs nya …owh …suka sinetron juga ya ..singapura nya daerah mana toch .aku dl jg tinggal d pasir ris n bishan …trimksh ya atas jwbn ya

  109. Tapi ko paseh juga bhs nya …owh …suka sinetron juga ya ..singapura nya daerah mana toch .aku dl jg tinggal d pasir ris n bishan …trimksh ya atas jwbn ya

  110. Nggk paseh sgt dong…hehehe…dikit2 aja…:DLoh..kamu di singapore atas urusan kerja atau melancong aja?Btw,pasir ris jauh bgt sama tmpt aku…klu bishan dekat aja…3 stesen mrt aja deh…hehe…aku di,toa payoh…5 minit udah sampai interchange toa payoh…;) pasti udah pernah kesana kn?

  111. Ya dah tau toa payoh ..melancong bentar..ko.1 bulan doank singapura bersih banget tempatnya toch .kamu cowok apa cewek si.klw .btw trimksh

  112. Ya dah tau toa payoh ..melancong bentar..ko.1 bulan doank singapura bersih banget tempatnya toch .kamu cowok apa cewek si.klw .btw trimksh

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