Oh My God….!!! Look at Calendar its 11.11.11 :hat:


102 thoughts on “Entry

  1. liar 😡 I know :irked: you put them under your pellow and a fairy will come and give you gold coin 😡 give me those teeth 😡

  2. 🙂 Ali, you are now able to watch that video:

    1&half hours: "How the Earth was made":) The English is rather American, though but :up:

  3. Originally posted by JoshL:

    Qaisariyyah, try this.

    It's the first part of a split version:)Format sizing isn't working in quotes:(

  4. actually I forget something 💡 Originally posted by Ali8307:

    we are posting smilies like idiots on this

    not we, you are…………… :left:

  5. Originally posted by mt-angel:

    yea my.opera sucks :down:

    yes opera, fb everything sucks :down: nimbuzz and gtalk are better if you have friends there.

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